Guarantee of privacy

  • Users are identified exclusively by their pseudonyms
  • NO PERSONAL DATA required upon account registration
  • Users DO NOT SPECIFY their phone number and/or email address
  • The application DOES NOT HAVE ACCESS to the user's contacts stored on the device
  • Unique device code is calculated by proprietary algorithms and stored on the server in hashed form only (one-way encryption)

Powerful encryption

  • End-to-end encryption is used, meaning that the service provider does not have access to transmitted data or encryption keys
  • The Application uses robust, "bullet-proof" algorithms (Salsa20, Curve25519) with 256-bit key length
  • Each chat generates a personal encryption key which is changed periodically (lifespan of a key does not exceed 1 hour)
  • Every time when group membership is changed, a new key is generated

Reliable authentication

  • A set of parameters is used to verify the legitimacy of the user:
    • device identifier
    • app identifier
    • one-time password
    • digital signature
  • There is no threat of credentials leakage, because the one-time password has a very short lifespan and device/app identifiers are not stored on the server
  • Besides that, the user is informed about last login time and corresponding device

Confidentiality level

  • Each time a new chat is created, one of the chat-modes can be switched on:
    • messages are stored in the cloud (any device has access to them) until the user decides to delete them
    • messages are stored for a pre-set time to be then later destroyed on the server (but survive on devices, when delivered)
    • messages are not stored neither on the server, nor on devices; interaction is only possible when all recipients are online

File transfer

  • “Online delivery” mode means, that files are not stored on the server at all, therefore file-exchange is possible only between online users
  • “Offline delivery” mode supposes, that encrypted files are stored on the server and wait during a certain period of time (one week) until all target recipients will be reached
  • Warning! On the device all received files are decoded and stored unencrypted; therefore the user should take care about safekeeping of incoming data

Mitigation of data interception

  • The main vulnerability of cryptosystems is the so-called "man-in-the-middle-attack", where the attacker can replace public keys of correspondents and read transmitted data
  • An automatic detection of key fabrication implemented in the product. Periodically used public keys are checked against their master-copies and, when substituted, the chat gets blocked and all its participants are notified
  • The app has built-in protection against screenshot making by other Apps or operational system

User-account migration

  • Private keys are not sent via the Internet for security reasons, but can be conveniently copied to a new device using a QR-code or as a file
  • If the chat history is stored in the cloud, then it is available to any of the user's devices
  • Although multiple devices are supported for a user account, only one of them can be active (use the service) at a time

Flexible service delivery model

  • The product for personal use is offered free of charge, however the data cap on transferred files is set to 5 Mb and group chat limit is set to 6 participants
  • There is also an enterprise version of the messenger (for closed managed groups) with advanced capabilities
  • When a client wants to control the whole messaging infrastructure (transaction server and storage), the product can be deployed at customer’s side. Any custom solutions based on messaging technology are also possible upon request

Transparent encryption mechanism

  • Encryption and decryption is done on the client and we give free access to the entire source code of the messaging App
  • Code is available for review by any interested body or individual
  • Our openness policy guarantees the exclusion of any “beetles” or “back-doors” in the code, which would be otherwise easily-detectable by experts

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